About The Author

  Joy E. Corey is certified through Chuck Colson’s Fellowship Prison Ministry and graduated from The Saint Stephen’s Course of Studies in Orthodox Theology. Her book, The Tools of Spiritual Warfare  (published in 2008), is popular among the incarcerated for whom she serves as chaplain. Joy has taught adult Bible Studies for over thirty-five years and continues to lead a weekly Spiritual Circle for women which includes time spent in prayer and readings and teachings from many of the great spiritual writers of our time.

Joy has written several articles for The Word Magazine over the years and has been a keynote speaker at several retreats both in the U.S. and Canada, as well as having been in demand as a speaker at Ladies Teas. She has two sons and seven grandchildren.

Joy’s greatest fulfillment in life is her prison ministry.  She takes delight in helping the inmates uncover the image of God from within.   She’s in the local jail every week conducting Bible Studies and meets one-on-one with those who kite to meet with her privately.  The jail cannot keep up with the demand for her book “the Tools of Spiritual Warfare” which was published in 2008 by Light & Life Publishing. The inspiration behind her work with the incarcerated comes from her late son, Douglas, who struggled with drug addiction and died at age twenty-three.  His struggles have helped her to understand those who struggle against their addictions and she is able to walk side-by-side with the inmates compassionately leading them closer to Christ.  Joy has witnessed many miracles and seeing them being transformed by God’s Grace warms her heart and gives purpose to her life.  Joy tells the inmates, “I have come to visit the Christ in you!” Our Lord said, “I was in prison and you came to me” (Matthew 25:36). 

Joy resides with her husband Ed in Idaho. She likes to golf, swim, attend dance classes, is a gourmet cook and a frequent hostess of lavish theme dinner parties. For many years, Joy has delighted boys and girls with her fun-filled children’s Tea Parties where they are taught etiquette, table manners, social graces and how to set a formal table. The children are required to dress appropriately, although Joy provides the hats for both sexes. Joy’s animated gestures and fabricated British accent help to keep the children entertained. In an interview with a noted newspaper, Joy made the following statement:

“I like to set a formal table replete with crystal, silver and china and serve delicacies that require time and effort. Since our Lord said, ‘What you do to the least of these my brethren you do unto Me,’ I treat every guest in my home as though I were entertaining Christ, Himself.“