Divine Eros draws on the latest scientific evidence, including genetics, endocrinology, and psychology, to debunk many key myths about homosexuality and offer alternatives for healing.


Following the loss of a friend who was compelled to take his life because of his father’s hatred of homosexuals, author Joy E. Corey’s pain inspired her to explore the topic. Combining pastoral sensitivity with academic precision, she explores alternatives to simplistic solutions that often characterize discussions of this controversial and provocative topic.


Through relevant, real-life stories, Joy share the transformative grace of the Holy Spirit, Who uncovers the image of God – tarnished through sin – and restores it through divine eros, enabling us to commune with each other meaningfully. Written for those struggling with their own sexuality and their family members, it offers true stories of struggle and victory, pain and healing.

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Taken from “Divine Eros: A Timeless Perspective on Homosexuality” “It’s interesting to note that while homosexuals say that genetics is everything — and predetermines homosexuality (which it doesn’t), and that we should always be true to our genes, transsexuals say that genetics is nothing, and that we should not be true to our genes if […]

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